1. ‘Break Free feat. Zedd’ by Ariana GrandeEverything I liked about Ariana Grande is missing from her new song. And yet, I keep playing it.

    ‘Break Free feat. Zedd’ by Ariana Grande
    Everything I liked about Ariana Grande is missing from her new song. And yet, I keep playing it.

  2. sadybusiness:

    I caught up on that “Adults Should Feel Embarrassed to Read YA” controversy a while ago. First, I thought people’s reactions were funny. Then, I thought they were deeply sad. Then, when I did the stupid thing, and opened my mouth about it, I thought they were pretty maddening. 

    I mean, the word “snobby” or “snooty” was in every response piece I read. Every. Single. One. The idea that adults should read books written at their own grade level, or that it was sort of strange for adults to participate in activities meant for children and teenagers, was just not to be borne. 

    But the responses really got to me. Someone, well-meaning, Tweeted me that David Foster Wallace was elitist, because you had to work to keep up with him linguistically. Someone else, not as well-meaning, Tweeted that there were never any articles written that attacked current literary fiction. (And that Harry Potter was written at a higher linguistic skill level than “White Teeth.” I mean, I bet it does have more unique words, because it has fucking magic spells in it.) Someone asked why they couldn’t just read things that were “fun.” A man with “Prof” in his Twitter handle, whose other Tweets included lines like “a scathing satire of French history,” wrote in to condemn “smartarse crap” for “elite audiences.” 

    Yeah. Because scathing satires of French history are so notoriously accessible and in-demand. 

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  3. I’m busy working tonight

    So ask me something!

  4. Might as well ask here, too.

    Might as well ask here, too.

  5. doublematthew:

    Novel Writing Diary - Volume 17 - Sunday, June 22, 2014

    Losing voices; giving time to feel emotions; Michel Houellebecq’s insect; a good imitation is a bad misreading; stress again; writing everything at the same time; cynical romanticism; Summertime in the summertime.

    Words Written: 32,119 total (approximately 1,393 this week).

    Book: A Recipe for Disaster, Eufemia Fantetti

  6. The end of the hipster →

    I believe I first read this exact article in 2004. Cutting-edge journamalism! Oh yeah, and nice attempt there, marketer (sorry, “futurologist”), to create a new, “authentic” category - “proto-hipster.” hahaha

  7. Lana Del Rey - “Brooklyn Baby”

    I like Ultraviolence, but I can’t say I love it - there’s something subconsciously grating about Del Rey’s persona that makes all my attempts to joyfully categorize it under “camp” hopeless. There’s no joy, that’s for sure, and the only humour is brittle and buried under quotation marks - “jokes” that gesture to some gaping maw of despair.

    But I can get fully behind the hipster dis-track, “Brooklyn Baby.” LDR is making fun of the people who make fun of her, but I think she’s also making fun of herself. Without her usual guns and bible DRAMA, the stakes are pretty low: the song’s about a cool girl and guy. She’s relaxed, and hey, without all of that melodrama, she’s kinda fun. The instrumentals are sonically unimpeachable (Ultraviolence has that going for it), and when the male, Lou Reed-esque voice joins her for “Yeah, my boyfriend is pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me,” it makes it hard for me to think of a smarter and funnier moment in all of pop music this year. 

  8. doublematthew:

    My Novel Writing Diary - Volume 16 - Sunday, June 15, 2014

    Finding characters; Tim Gunn’s voice; in the doldrums; 29th and Gay; narcissistic wish-fulfillment?; being universal vs being idiosyncratic.

    Words Written: 30,726 total (approximately 1,443 this week).

    Novel: NA

    If you have questions or comments, please email me at matthewharriswriter@gmail.com.

  9. Michelle Obama’s speech at Maya Angelou’s Memorial.

    This is how you do a speech.

  10. doublematthew:

    My Novel Writing Diary - Volume 15 - Saturday, June 7, 2014

    Writing freehand; suicides and single-car accidents; Laura Palmer on the beach; the Benetton AIDS ad; Do people care about dead gay men? The conservative nature of hooks.

    Words Written: 29,283 total (approximately 1,091 this week).

    Novel: NA