1. Todd Terje - “Inspector Norse”

    I went to this great disco night in Toronto last night. The night has one of the best names ever - Love Saves the Day. Which as well as being a reference to David Mancuso’s first Loft Party, is also just an excellent phrase - let’s embrace over-the-top romance, everyone! When I heard it last night, the tiny but packed dancefloor erupted in yeahs and yesses and yesssss. The groove carries equal amounts of glamour and joy, its easy-going but boppy beat feels inclusive and energetic, and there’s enough spaciness to elevate a bunch of bodies into something above just the physical. I tapped some words into my phone at the time - “salvation squeezing down between the one two three four” - but it didn’t capture the happiness of crowded dancing with my hands up, helium balloons just out of reach, and “Inspector Norse” climaxing its way through our bodies.


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